Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Sadly the Orthodox wing of American Jewry does not represent the majority points of view of American Jewry.We just came back from the Passover program at thew olg Granit Hotel where I spoke 4 times.The Obama support was probably in low single digits.
Today scanning the news we see why.A trial balloon regarding an imposed peace plan,engineered by every anti-Israel has-been in the foreign policy apparatus-ala Brezinski.
Then there is the trial balloon where Islamic Jihadists and Fundamentalists will not be so described-We don't know their new name-perhaps "unhappy warriors"with a bent for suicide and mayhem.
To top it off today,we are told,that even if we were attacked with bio-chemical weapons, we will never respond with nuclear weapons, if the attacker is a NON-NUCLEAR POWER.
A really great day for those who love Israel,and A STRONG AMERICA!