Thursday, April 08, 2010

The new treaty needs examination

We would all welcome a world without war,and one without the threat of nuclear weapons.Unfortunately with countries like N. Korea and Iran the danger of aggressive attacks-EVEN WITHOUT WARNING IS REAL.
The agreement signed today between Russia and the US perhaps is a step in the right direction.To come to a full conclusion we will have to read the fine print,
However if as rumored it takes away our ability to have a defensive shield against Iranian missiles within Eastern European countries,then it is a bad deal.
The treaty requires 67 votes,and there should be bi-partisan hearings,based upon our security needs and not partisan politics.

We leave Sat nite for Israel with my Talmud shiur.This is our 5th trip as a group.I will try to deliver a report when we return.From Israel, my wife and I are going to China-Hong Kong.We were last there 23 years ago. We will be back May 5th.
My son Elli will try to write the blog-schedule permitting during my absence.