Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stevens/Hank Johnson

Justice Stevens, who is retiring at the end of the Court's term, will be remembered as one of the most liberal members of the Court and a Justice who was consistently on the wrong side of the Court's decisions. He was the author of the infamous Kelo decision which allowed the government to use eminent domain to seize privately owned real property for another private business use. He also recently read his dissent in the Citizens United case from the bench- the Citizens United case was an important case for those of us who believe the First Amendment is an important feature of American life. Stevens will not be missed. What is important to point out is that Stevens (like the recently retired liberal Justice, David Souter) was appointed by a Republican president (Ford). Many times Republicans are their own worst enemy. As we get closer to an election which should be a Republican landslide, Republicans need to avoid silly mistakes, such as shoddy fund raising practices and Confederacy month celebrations that leave out slavery.


If you haven't seen Congressman Hank Johnson ask a question about his concerns that Guam may tip over, you can see it here: You wonder how voters allow themselves to be represented in Wahington by such clowns.