Tuesday, February 14, 2006


While ordinarily the Cheney buckshot fiasco would be just that,(fodder for Leno and Letterman) todays news is cetainly a complication.
Even admirers of the Veep,are somewhat dismayed that early on some sort of announcement was not forthcoming.For political pros they handled it amateurishly. Part of this was because of staff turnover. The fact that they were not in Washington with a full complement of staff did not help.
Having said that, the conduct of the press corps was truly disgusting.
Look, it was an unfortunate accident.I am not a lawyer, however ,to my way of looking at it, there is certainly the suggestion of negligence on the part of the VP . However this is a tort matter, and not a political scandel.
The suggestions by reporters that he resign etc are over the line. Once again the bias of the fifth estate against Bush-Cheney is clear.
Let us try to place this unfortunate incident into some perspective and get back to security and important domestic issues as the prime news of the day..

The daily reports of rocket attacks deeper into Israel do not seem to interest the world. How many democracies in the world would allow such activity, and at the same time hand over millions in dollars to help pay for the civil servants of the attackers?

The UN and EU are calling for countries to enforce and discourage attacks on religions .Great ! Does that include the anti-Semitic filth from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria etc?