Sunday, February 12, 2006


The hypocrisy of Putin and the French in inviting Hamas for talks, once again demonstrates who our friends ARE NOT. It won’t be long before Sec Rice will be negotiating behind the scenes with Hamas or their intermediaries, as a result of European, UN , and Egyptian pressure. I hope I am wrong.
The departure of Wolfowitz ,Libby, Zackheim , and Perle as well as Cheney’s problems,in addtion to the political savvy of Rice has diluted the neo-conservative atmosphere in the administration. Thank G-d for John Bolton who is doing a terrific job.

The description of PM Sharon’s colonic gangrene appears to have left out a great deal of information;
Why and how they suspected and diagnosed the condition?
Was there a perforation and peritonitis?
Did they sew the bowel back or did they do a colostomy or ileostomy?

A must read is the article in the current Commentary magazine on Spielberg’s Munich.While it reinforced my initial impressions, kudos to Gabriel Schoenfeld for a splendid in-depth analysis .
I personally thought the movie to be totally fictional based upon a true event.So much of the dialogue and the scenes of massive food preperation were trite.The final scene showing the WTC implyng that destroying terror will only lead to further terror speaks to the heart of the Spielberg thesis.
But read the article and if you have seen the movie you will understand .
Allow me to quote the last line of the article “The movie deserves an Oscar in one category only: the most pernicious film of the year.”