Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islamic anger; An approach to the Energy problem 2/6/06

The torching of the Danish Embassy in Beirut ,and demonstrations against the Danish government in the Muslim world, speaks again to the cultural war we are undergoing.
Islam cannot function with criticisms by either their own or certainly from infidels from another religion.
We are slowly creeping back to the middle ages and only the uneven distribution of both conventional and nuclear weapons prevents some in the Islamic world from replacing verbal threats with military action. Islamic propaganda continually calls for a world that is all green,(100 % Islamic).
Thus the popularity of OBL,Hizbollah and suicide bombers among so many in the Islamic world.

It appears to me that Pres Bush in calling for an end of our dependence on fossil fuel missed the boat.
Today many countries in the world face the same problem of ME oil in the hands of OPEC .
Instead of viewing the solution as an all American one, this is a unique opportunity to gather together all of the governments of the world who are fearful of oil blackmail, and together with their respective scientists, create a well funded Marshall, Plan or Manhattan Project dedicated to solving this pressing world energy problem within 10-15 years.
It means doing away with SUV’s, and insisting on real mileage improvement per gallon on autos and trucks. Alaska oil and gas exploration, the creation of wind mills free of State interference will need to be on the agenda as well as the creation of economically sound new fuels as done in S. America. New nuclear plants will have to be built, and we should go back to encouraging solar energy where feasible.
When scientists are given a free hand, with proper funding, they can solve the mystery of polio, create a nuclear device, get us to the moon or solve our energy problem.