Sunday, February 19, 2006


Hamas is now a reality! Not only is it a terrorist force, but a governing entity in the Palestinian areas. But worse than that, it is coordination its murderous machine and program with the entire Islamic world, especially Iran.
Thus Israel faces a two -headed crisis namely the nuclear potential of Iran as well as Hamas teaming up with Iran to create havoc to what was called the PEACE PROCESS. which soon will be only a distant memory.
The only positive point so far is the announcement that Hamas will never allow the Jericho Casino to open.Israeli politicians who allegedly were involved in this are now out in the cold
This mornings editorial in the Jereusalem Post, clearly points out the fact that despite the Kassam rockets being only CRUDE, a major disaster could occur if one of them hit the Ashkelon energy complex in a critical area.
Instead of planning for a response to a mega-disaster, it is time for Mr. Olmert to issue an ultimatum to Mr Abbas and the new Hamas leadership, that 7-8 Kassams a day is intolerable.The government has many potential responses including financial,military and cutting off electricity and phone service.
Whatever the response and its timetable, it is clear that no civilized country would tolerate daily rocket attacks etc upon its soil from a neighboring country or territory.


The argument that Hamas is a democratically elected government that deserves respect despite its denial of the holocaust and its advocacy of the destruction of a member state of the UN is totally without reason.
Did not Hitler,who came to power by democratic means,and advocated pure evil,bring the wrath and fury of the free world down upon him?