Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sen Kerry ; Hamas and Aid ; Bi-lingualism 2/1/06

Now that the Alito debate has concluded, I would like to paraphrase my son Elli who said” Sen. John Kerry (D. Mass) is a gift to the Republican Party that never stops giving “.

Money is fungible and we should not be swayed by the argument that aid for the Palestinian people is “humanitarian” and therefore we should ignore Hamas as the new heir apparent.
The role of Iran is already a factor, and the threat to turn to them for help will not alter the Islamic fundamentalist outlook of Hamas one way or the other. In any case Arab countries should be the main source of aid to the Palestinian people.
The Palestinian people voted for Hamas, knowing they would have to sacrifice economically in order “to defeat Israel.” We should not relieve them of the burdens which they voluntarily placed upon themselves.
The President while quoting Sharansky supports Democracy as an antidote to Islamic fascism. The problem is that merely voting does not a Democracy make. The rule of Law, a functioning judiciary, the end of private militias and the acceptance of diplomacy instead of State terror are hallmarks of a society wherein a free election will have democratic significance. This does not describe the PA.

We just came back from two months in S. Florida. It is shocking how many people including young couples with children speak no English.
Bi-or tri-lingualism is terrific.HOWEVER all Americans should speak and learn English as our NATIONAL LANGUAGE This should be enacted into law.
Our parents and grandparents came to these shores as foreign speaking immigrants. They had no choice, and within one generation, their progeny were proficient in English .Bi-lingual education should be restricted to a short period of time until children can make the necessary adjustments that they will need to succeed in life.