Monday, October 09, 2006

The 2006 elections 10/9/06

I admit that a sense of malaise and laziness brought this blog to a halt(with a trip to the Greek Isles sandwiched in between).In truth during my career as a surgeon and in my tenure at the OU, I always had a secretary who would immediately type my dictations.For me typing is a great burden ,and that to some extent explains why I am not more productive.
However, a number of readers have called asking when I will get back to the blog -so here goes.

Kudos to the 7/11 chain which announced that they will no longer purchase oil from Venezuela for sale by their gas stations.

The polls seem to indicate that the Republicans are in danger of losing one or both Houses of Congress.While it is still early and a lot can change,if they they do lose they will have brought it upon themselves.

The President,and the leadership have failed to deliver on:

a reduction in the budget,waste and spending
the end of the corrupt practice of earmarking- and such spending, as the bridge to nowhere
malpractice reform
tax reform ,and the permanency of the tax cuts
the end of the "death" tax
lobbying reform after the Abramoff scandal
wasting precious time and political capital on privitization of social security
true security of our borders,including ports,and an end to massive illegal immigration

From my point of view, a Speaker Pelosi,and a group of left wing committee chairmen is a most undersirable outcome. Perhaps a two year hiatus will wake the Republicans up.