Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jerusalem extension/ Homowack retraction/Hamas rearms 10/17/06

The failure of Israel to proceed with the Maale Adumim extension is a major blunder
on the part of the Olmert government.There is no reason to believe that halting this project will in any way advance the "peace process".
American pressure is not something new,but Israel has to have the backbone to stand up for their needs.,and say NO to Sec Rice.
Jerusalem must grow,and the Maale Adumim plans have been on the drawing board and ready to go for years.
Whether Israel eventually approves the Safdie westward plan or not,the claims of Israeli sovereignty over Maale Adumim are placed in jeapordy by shelving the construction.

I previously reported on the impending demise of the Homowack Hotel in Spring Glen,NY.The new owners have decided to put new funding into the hotel and run it as the Mountain Spring Hotel.
I once again was there for the last two says of Succoth as Scholar -in-residence,and we had a wonderful Yom Tov.
Throughout the winter they have scheduled affairs such as Bar-Mitzvahs and Sheva Brachot,and will be open for Pesach

The reports today and yesterday that Hamas is massively smuggling anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles into Gaza is quite disconcerting.Taken togther with the discovery of two tunnels, and the anouncement by Iran that they will train Hamas in the methods used by Hezbollah all add up to an impending major conflict in this area.
The Olmert disengagement in coming home to roost.Israeli lives will be lost due to poor leadership.
Incidentally who doesn't believe that eventually the 1 million rounds of ammunition given by the US to Fatah to protect Abbas, will not be used againt the Israelis?