Sunday, October 22, 2006

Barack Obama-how about some accomplishments before you run for President==10/22/06

I recall the 2004 Democratic National convention,when I first got a good look at Barack Obama.Only a candidate for the US Senate, this seven year veteran of the Illinois state Senate,was being pushed by the liberal commentators of CNN and at least one network,as a future presidential candidate-no I'm sorry a future President.
No mind that he had no accomplishments,or record. The fact that he was AFRICAN-american,a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law School, was enough to allow him to lead the free world.
Now,with 21 months of not exactly outstanding service in the Senate,Oprah ,Cong Maxine Waters and liberal commentators have seen enough.
I can't recall a leadership role in the committees he serves on(Environment,Veterans Affairs and Foreign Relations),or in any important legislation either proposed or passed.
I do recall him visiting Africa, and waving for the cameras.His current book signings has recieved the full CNN coverage.
Yes he is attractive and charismatic,but what doed he stand for? who are his political allies? what about N.Korea? the Middle East? Iran ? the economy, taxes ,affirmative action,immigration etc . etc?
What single important issue has he adopted as his own, and which controversies has he been able to steer his party through? A leader without having been involved in political controversies,is a man without true political principles.
There are many attractive Democrats who can throw their hats into the ring, based upon a record from which the voters can choose.Oprah and Barbara Streisand and the molders of personalities and stars, must not be allowed to shape the political agenda.