Sunday, October 29, 2006

Disney 10/29/06

My wife and I spent last week in Orlando with one of our grandchildren enjoying Disney.We have made it a custom to celebrate their fifth birthday with such a trip,and this was our fifth such occasion.
I find it amazing that with tens of thousands of daily visitors from all over the world there is a total absence of rowdiness or pushing.The very same people,who in their daily lives drive aggressively,or try to cut ahead of the line,politely wait their turn with a smile and calm.When the security person asks the visitors to move to the very end of the row,no one refuses,or says they need a middle seat.
In addition except for one soda bottle on the floor,we saw no littering.Moreover we saw a politeness on the part of adults toward seniors,and the disabled.
Part of the answer might be the nature of a vacation.But I believe a lot has to do with the presence of children and grandchildren,and the common goal of having a good time.
One complaint-we saw the Lion King twice,and on both occasion,the public announcement regarding flash photography etc was in spanish first.The last I heard ,Orlando was still in the U.S.In addition a cursory exam revealed the majority of visitors were from the States.