Wednesday, October 18, 2006

President Katzav must step down 10/18/06

I have had the honor to meet Prident Katzav on a number of occasions,in small and large groups.
When our Good Samaritan Hospital talmud group went to Israel for the first time,I arranged for us to pray one morning in the President's private synagogue on the grounds of the Presidential Home.After the services,he spent some time with our group posing for pictures,and just being the warm considerate host that he is known for.
Thus, when our group found out about the charges against the President,it was not only shocking ,but almost unbelievable.
As a citizen in a democracy,he is innocent until proven guilty.However,as the symbol of the Israeli nation, he must be above suspicion.
He owes it to the nation and world Jewry to resign,and not wait for the decision of the Attorney General to indict.Barring that, he should temporarily step down until a decision is made,and allow the Speaker of the Knesset to serve as acting President in the interim.
In this case, the needs of the Jewish nation must take precedence over personal rights.The nation can no longer bear the shame of daily press leaks and charges against a sitting President.