Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Despite the fact that Olmert and Livni worked for a "2 State solution" without success,the world is already attacking Bibi.
Why did they fail?Not because they weren't willing to grant concessions and compromises.No Abbas is weak,and does not control Gaza.If an election were held in the West Bank,Hamas would probably win.Abbas really has seen his elected time expire,but is avoiding a new election.
The Egyptians tried with all of their might to bring Hamas into the fold,but its failure to recognize Israel prevented progress.Even before Hamas took over Gaza,the PA could not bring itself to make compromises on Jerusalem and the right of return.In essence they are unbridgeable differences.
The people of Israel are tired of territorial concessions and thus turned to the right.THEY HOPE FOR PEACE WITH THE PALESTINIANS,AS LONG AS THEIR OWN SECURITY IS GUARANTEED.
How can any Jew have faith in a Palestinian entity when rockets still come into Israel,or bombs placed in a Haifa mall.
Bibi and Lieberman are correct. The Govt. of Israel approved the roadmap with 14 amendments.The Knesset never approved the Annapolis talks,which in essence moved negotiations to the final status talks, skipping all of the actions the Arabs must undertake in order to progress to the next step.These include close down terror groups,stop incitement etc.
Begin and Golda proved you can stand up to the US and not come out any worse for it.Yes there may be tension,but NO OBAMA OR BLAIR,MITCHELL, UN EU OR CLINTON ETC CA.N FORCE NATIONAL SUICIDE ON ANY NATION.

Yesterday,I had outpatient surgery at a free standing surgi-center in New Jersey. Having spent my entire professional life in hospitals,it was an eye-opener.They sent a limousine to pick us up,and the entire process was seamless and professional.The entire cataract surgery took 20 minutes,and I was back home exactly 3 hours after I had left.The same prodeure done in a hospital would add hours due to a long recovery and operating room plus sign-in procedure.No wonder so many hospital;s are closing,as this lucrative part of surgical care is moving to these centers.