Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama and the Saudi Plan

Israel and the US pro-Israel community are going to have their hands full now that Obama has endorsed the Saudi "peace plan".In his meeting with the Saudi king,in which Obama BOWED DOWN ( pictures in the Israeli papers),Obama embraced the Saudi plan.
This plan would require 600,000 Israelis to be removed from their homes.It would require withdrawal TO 1949 lines ,and giving up the Temple Mount the holiest place in our religio and the redivision of Jerusalem..It would further require Israel to accept(who knows how many ) hundreds of thousands of Arabs to "return to Israel" and be given Israeli citizenship.The support for this plan in Israel, is next to zero.
(see my comments yesterday on K Street)
Net result:
after 5 years,no more Israeli State as a Jewish homeland
after 15 years ( or less) every remaining Jew must convert to Islam or be expelled or killed.

We said it over and over again during the campaign ---HE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN A FRIEND OF ISRAEL.
I will be suggesting to my friends at the OU,that they take this issue on as a special undertaking-ie. make a film on the dangers of the plan and make it so compelling that You-tube will find a vast audience for such information.We should consider an extended educational drive and work to get get AIPAC and the Pres. Connference to work for a Congressional resolution against such anti-Israel nonsense.