Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two Obama foreign policy disapointments

The failure of the administration to stand up to evil in the form of the N. Korean missile shot is not only a Far East failure,but will have serious negative reverberations around the world.
Firstly,we should have encouraged Japan to knock the missile out of the sky as it flew over Japanese territory.We ourselves should have knocked it out even before it left the pad.
N. Korea is playing nuclear blackmail, and we (and that includes the Bush people)have played along.Sec. Gates was wrong,when he said we could do nothing.
Taking this again to the UN. is a joke, and sends a clear lesson to Iran that he(Obama) is not serious when he warns on such issues.In essence we are a paper tiger.
The worst thing in the world would be to reward the lunatic leader with one on one talks , or to reward him with cash or food.

The second area, is the acceptance by Obama of the Saudi plan as part of his ME policy.After Pres. Bush clearly promised in writing that Arab "refugees" would have to go to the Palestinian State not Israel should they decide to return,the whole promise is turned upside down.The Saudi plan is really a non-starter from Israel's point of view.It is a take-it-or-leave-it plan that the Saudis say will not be subject to negotiations.The fact that Sen. Mitchell has announced that this will be part of admiistration policy, shows Obama is no friend.Where are the Jewish Dems who promised us otherwise?
Why should Israel be accused of negating the Annapolis accord that was never passed by the Knesset,and therefore not legal Israeli policy,when the US wishes to throw out the Bush letter,which also talks about keeping thbe major settlement blocs?