Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Pesach

This will be my last blog until after the Passover holiday.
Although I have raised serious concern regarding the talk of the Saudi Plan,the truth is that both the Obama and Netanyahu foreign policies are evolving.For Obama he is coming off a successful foreign trip. There is much adulation,but the fact is that mere poularity and large crowds do not MAKE FOREIGN POLICY.
But he has made an impression on the world.Howevever Russia,N. Korea and Iran to name a few are watching his actions closely.
He is realist enough to know that the Saudi approach of take-it-or-leave-it, won't fly.He also knows that if that is THE starting point for peace,again he will not have a partner.
If howevever it is one of many approaches that can be dissected and combined with other plans that Bibi and his team are working on,then that is a different story.
In any case there will be no Israeli unilateral concessions.
Allow me to wish you all a very happy and kosher Pesach