Monday, August 20, 2012

Good to be back

We had a wonderful time on our 2 back to back cruises.We spent 10 days in Estonia, Russia and Germany.The second cruise was a 7 day Fjord event.
While visiting cities and their historic sites is terrific,there is something awesome about the beauty of nature.
There is a prayer when one sees a miracle or a wondrous site lite a rainbow.This was the feeling of visiting the Norwegian Fjords.I have to say that in our long history of traveling this is the first time we did not spend one penny in local shops etc .The anti-Israel  attitudes of the Norwegians  were a constant reminder to avoid supporting them.
What was interesting was to meet orthodox travelers from Mexico,Panama,Paris Israel and of course the US.

I like my son Elli was thrilled with the selection of Paul Ryan by Romney.It changes the dynamics of the race. Even though some say that the deficit will now take over as no 1 in lieu of the economy and jobs,I believe they are connected.Obama will have to defend his (lack of a ) record. Eventually his campaign will come out of the gutter.hat it won't work.