Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Elli Ganchrow writes:

Firstly, let me state out the outset that it is imperative that President Obama be defeated. His domestic policies are destroying our economy and his foreign policy is incoherent and dangerous. While Governor Romney would not have been my first choice as Republican nominee, I am enthusiastically supporting his candidacy. His trip to Israel was well-played and it was reassuring to hear him refer to Jerusalem as the capital. With the economy growing slowly and unemployment over 8%, this race is very winnable. However, if you are a Romney supporter and are not nervous about the state of the campaign then you are not paying attention. According to Real Clear Politics, as of today, Obama has 247 electoral votes that are either solid, likely or leaning in his favor. If you add to that Ohio (which Obama has led in every poll for the last 6 weeks) and either Nevada or Colorado and the election is over. A clear and quick turnaround is needed by Romney. What can he do?
1. Stop being distracted by side issues like Bain and out-sourcing. Focus like a laser on jobs, government spending, taxes and Obamacare.
2. Release your taxes during the Olympics (on a Friday night)- make the issue go away when no one is paying attention.
3. Select the Vice Presidential nominee on the Tuesday after the Olympics so that Romney can get a week of positive coverage prior to the convention. It will also give him an extra body to do campaigning.
4. Select Senator Portman as the VP nominee- Ohio is a must win and Portman is the best candidate out there. There is no good reason not to pick him.
There is still time to turn around the race but with just three monthes to go its important that the Romney people pick up the pace now.