Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the rascist canard/ Paul Ryan

How sad it is to see the racial card being thrown around.
When all the white people voted for Obama then there was no racism.
When over 50% of the population soured on Obama's policies-that is racism.
When Biden gets up and in southern drawl 'y'all tells blacks the GOP wants to put them into shackles that's not racism
When the GOP attacks Obama as the 'food- stamp President' or for changing the work rules for medicare -that is racist.

It reminds me of the joke of the  Jewish stutterer who goes into a radio station and applies for a job as an announcer.When he does not get it,he is asked "why?"
He answers his friends "such antisemitim"

I cannot describe how thrilled I am by the election of Paul Ryan to the ticket.He was on my favorites for a Ling time.However now with all his exposure he has emerged as the key intellectual bastion for economic policy.
To those who now little of his Pro-Israel record-be assured he is 100%
The  latest polls for the Senate are trending to a 52 seat GOP win, with more possibilities.
The presidential race is tied with Obama slightly ahead, but trending to Romney.
Hopefully "ISAAC" will allow some time for adequate coverage.