Thursday, August 30, 2012

voter id/ RYAN

The decision by the Federal Court to nullify the Texas voter ID law is outrageous.
You cannot get into a private building in NY or Westchester or a government office  without an ID.
Certainly you cannot get on a plane without prior identification .
The left has gone all out to give cover to those in big city political machines primarily Democratic to avoid any crackdown on voter fraud.
The Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue.The States have promised to make it easy for poor people to obtain Id's.
This case will have to go back to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday Condi Rice,Gov. Martinez and Gov Huckabee were perfect as an introduction to Cong. Ryan.
On the very day the Dems issued an attack on him as a r wing zealot,anti woman anti-everything,
he stood up before the nation,and spoke clearly without insulting anyone and gave us a choice.
A bankrupt America for our children and grandchildren or a new beginning.
I hope America will be able to avoid the slash and destroy PR of the Chicago machine.