Monday, August 27, 2012

the Senate Races / Jewish Arab Refugees

As you study the daily polls from state to state,you realize that at this time it is difficult to predict who will carry the Senate.
So many races are tied like Virginia and Ohio.(It would be great to see Mandel win in Ohio, as he is a conservative Republican ,a combat veteran and an orthodox Jew).In fact  as you read Real Clear Politics, you realize that in many states  DIFFERENT POLLS HAVE OPPOSITE RESULTS.
Of course the Missouri mess right now has Akin going down to a major defeat. Republicans at the convention still thin k he has a shot at winning.
Perhaps after the 2 conventions, when 1 candidate might shoot into the lead, the Senate races will follow.

In a major effort by the Israeli Govt., and the Wold Jewish Congress among others, there is now a more public demand that any peace talks with the Palestinians must include the 800,000 Jewish citizens who were forced to flee Arab countries to Israel.For the most part their property was confiscated.
The Arabs keep yelling about the"Right of Return"and have refused to resettle their co-coreligionists.Israel has successfully integrated all of the Jews from Muslim countries into society.
For the Arabs they use these "refugees" as political pawns.
The Knesset in 2010 , mandated that this issue be at the head of any negotiations...