Thursday, November 23, 2006

Back again-HAPPY THANKSGIVING 11/23/06

One of the intricacies of the internet system is the need to remember the names and passwords that we use to create an account.If through circumstances (ie. a new location or computer) we forget one of the above ,it can be very frustrating.Often there are no humans to communicate with.
Of course, I am alluding to is my absence from the blog for two weeks.I thank Steve my webmaster , for resuing me.

The election of Steny Hoyer over Cong Murtha is a positive event not just for the pro-Israel community but for the country.The Maryland Democrat has a long history of a close relationship to us.
As I previously noted,the new Speaker-designate will have to make a choice between ethics and political obligations.Cong Alcee Hastings ,and the black caucus expect his selection as the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.The rest of the nation is watching her move.Cong Jane Harman ,who allegedly involned AIPAC in her battle to get the post ,is disliked by Pelosi.Will it be a compromise?So far Pelosi has shown toughness, but not smarts!

I had discussed months ago the re-elevation of Trent Lott to the no two position in the Senate leadership,should Santorum lose.This again is a positive for our community.The Mitch McConnell-Lott team and of course the Reid-Durbin Semocratic leadership team in the Senate are familiar faces ,and Durbin,Reid and Lott were members of the House at the same time.

It is amazing that the cable networks sought to highlght the old Lott speech extolling Stro Thurmond speech each time his announcement was discussed.Yet,for example when Pres. Clinton is shown,we do not see constant repititions of "I did not have sex with that woman" shtick.