Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Forward 51 11/11/06

This weeks the Forward published it list of the top 50 American Jews.I have always awaited that issue,for when I was active in the OU,I had the priviledge of making the list and one year even being rated no 2 after Rabbi Eric Yoffe
However the approach of the editors has changed,and now while some truly outstanding people are listed,there is a move to make it interesting even to the point of losing their affiliation with the American Jewish population.
Thus they note that once they found out that Sen. George Allen had a Jewish mother they made a 51st slot for him-What in the world does this have to do with our community(even had he been re-elected) ?
Among the choices in culture is Borat.Give me a break! for three weeks he had a pr blitz appearing on TV only in Khazaki dialect.YES IT IS FUNNY.but has he ever said one word about his Jewish heritage etc? to the contrary his reputation is making fun of his jewishness.
Making sure to announce that they don't approve of all their choices roles,the Forward adds Jack Abramoff.Firstly this convicted individual has not been politically active for over a year.His political career is over.Why include him?

What about Cong Eric Kantor who will possibly be the no 2 Republican in the House?Howard Kohr head of Aipac and Howard Friedman President of Aipac(also a great Federation and OU leader).The Gov-elect of NY and the Attorney-General of Conn. among many have distinguished themselves. The list could go on and on.
The Forward should rethink their approach to compiling the list.