Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sen Kerry-war hero 11/1/06

I did not comment yesterday on the remarks of Senator Kerry,since I was both angry and flabbergasted.My opinion of his war record I commented on when he ran for President, and I see no reason to change my opinion of his haughty and condescending attitude.
I too served in Vietnam (not for three months) for a full year,and it was obvious that with the draft, more affluent and college -bound young men were able to often avoid service.
Sen. Kerry has his mind and emotions fixed on that era.His bitterness at our government,as witnessed by his Congressional testimony upon his return to the States,and his book with the upside down flag which is not currently available have poisoned his judgement.
In addition his loss to Bush was to him totally unexpected.How could the American people be so Stupid?
Today,we have an all-volunteer highly motivated military.Almost all high school graduates,and a PHD rate of 3% among our officers-most of them college graduates.
They man highly sophisticated tanks and planes,submarines and advanced technological eqiptment.
Our military are heroes.It is legitimate to criticize the war and its progress.
It is illegitimate to destroy the morale and cast aspersions on the intelligence and professionalism of those who voluntarily place their lives at risk to protect our democracy-that allows a person such as Kerry to sound off.
By the way,I looked at the Kerry clips 10 times, and failed to see even an attempt at a joke.