Sunday, November 26, 2006

The daily minyan at Boynton Beach Fl==medicare part D== the Middle East

Today marked the very first day that the new Ashkenazic Orthodox Synagogue in Boynton Beach initiated its daily minyan .Until now,(sinceits inception one year ago)had only holiday and shabbat services.The synagogue Anshei Chesed has moved into a new building that it bought ,has become a member of the OU,and has a visiting Rabbinic intern from Yeshiva University twice a month.
I believe the basic elements are there for the community to grow because the homes are reasonably priced, and the facilities are excellent.


While one reads about complaints with the Medicare Part D program(especially the donut-when one reaches the $2500 annual level),my own experience is quite positive.
For a number of years I have been on Zocor for hi-cholesterol.The three month supply when I started was $430 for 90 pills.There were no generics available.Thus the annualcost was about $1700.'Then I discovered an Israeli generic that I bought in Jerusalem for about 430 shekelor $100 per three month supply.When Part D came out,Zocor became available in generic form in the U.S. and by using the mail service of the insurance company (prescriptions solutions) they supplied a three month allotment for $30. (3 months for the cost of 2).Now Walmart and various drugstores are offering the pills for $4.00 a month
Incidentally they claim to be making a large profit on $4 a month.
The government should try to ameliorate the problems of those with severe illnesses that go over the $2500 level, but do not reach the catastrophic zone.

The meetings being run in Jordan and Saudi Arabia together with the upcoming Baker report all point to an International meeting.This would provide cover for the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq.It reminds me of the Paris meetings that allowed us to leave Vietnam and the defeat of our allies.
If America cannot succeed in disarming the Sadr militia,and breaking up the smuggling of oil ,as documented by the NY Times,then there is no hope of victory.
For us to try to get the Saudis to control violence,or unite the the Sunnis is a joke.They are part of the problem and not the solution.Their funding of OBL and madras throughout the world undermine our global interests.
The Arabs surely will say,if only Israel would do x,y orz,the sunnis and shite will kiss and have peace,and Iran will become a friendly and non-threatening neighbor.
The danger is to allow pressure to be diverted on Israel.Olmert is so weak that he is vulnerable to a combined American-European-Arab program.