Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Bush visit==A new Israeli Ambassador

PM Maliki was correct in cancelling the 3 way meeting with Abdullah and Bush.Maliki understood that involving the Palestinian -Israel conflict into a discussion of the war in Iraq might play well in the Arab countries,but was of no real signicance.Abdullah maintains that the core-issue in the region is the lack of a Palestinian State.
.The fact is that until Hamas,Hizbollah and the Sadr army are disarmed, there is no hope for democracy in the region.
Abu Mazen ,like Sinora and Maliki are weak and America has not insisted on total disarmament of those who seek to overthrow their respective regimes.
We can only hope that Pres Bush maintains his toughness on the critical issues of N Korea, Iran and Syria.

Congratulations to the new Israel Ambassador to Washington.Salai Meridor, has many friend among the American Jewish leadership who served under him at the Jewish Agency,.This is a difficult time to assume such a position ,what with the pre-08 rhetoric,a new Congress and a weakened President looking for a foreign policy victory.