Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-election thoughts 11/06/06

Tonite I reiterated to my wife something I had told her years ago.I am extremely grateful that I did not enter politics as a way of making a living.As a college student and an avid follower of Tammany Hall,I realized it was extremely difficult to remain honest and yet move up the ladder of political success.Over the years with television and the internet coming into play, the filth of the campaigns from all sides has grown and is disheartening. Half-truths are the order of the day.Innuendoes,and distorted facts colored by Hollywood personalities make you reach the point that even a political junkie like myself is waiting for the end of the campaign.
All of us can turn to RCP ( and follow the daily polls and read the blogs on each and every race.However, the cable news shows as well as the networks have to create something exciting to occupy the screen for hour after hour.Thus,each Senate race, becomes the pivotal contest that will swing the balance.'The problem is that after a few daysof repitition,you wish we had a law that cut off campaigning and talking heads on tv a week before the elections.
It's time to get to the recounts,legal challenges and mutual accusations.Whoever loses gets the right to claim in '08 that they wuz robbed in '06.

Each and every day of Gaza IDF operations reminds us of the folly of disengagement.
The Europeans to their credit are consistent.They criticize Israel for excessive force in Gaza.How many of them would sit idly by as rockets are lobbed daily into their civilian populations?
The islamization of Europe is happening right under their noses,but their eyes and minds are closed.Sadly they will get what they deserve if they don't wake up .
Then of course they came out against the death sentence for Saddam Hussein,which is consistent with their concept of justice and the punishment for mass murder..
I assume that had Hitler survived his suicide, the Europeans would have similarly suggested less than a capital punishment for genocide.
They are disgusting!

I am not sure of how much of Avigdor Lieberman's rhetoric I can support in my own mind.However,it is certainly entertaining (but sad) to see him announce his own personal policies regarding Arabs among other issues, within two days of taking office,only to have thePM disavow them.He intends to place himself in the publics eye on a regular basis without regard for cabinet policies.

The publicity regarding global warming has again caught the fancy of liberals in the media including the anglo-Jewish press.(how about the cold snap in Europe that forced a curtailment of electricity the last few days),
Featured prominently is the report by Nicholas Stern of the U.K. on climate change.The report predicts that damage to GDP could be as high as 20%.
I am not an expert in this area,however I believe it is important to hear both sides of this debate.I suggest that you try to read the op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Nov 2nd by Bjorn of the "Skeptical Environmentalist". This is important before you consider agreeing to spending trillions on unproven technology andplacing your confidencein the forces of third world countries.
Two examples-In 2002 China decided to cut Sulfur dioxide by 10% -they are now 27% higher.
The Stern supporters want to tax Americans for this multi-trillion dollar project,since we are so wealthy as well as polluters.
Lomberg points out and documents,that for a fraction of Sterns demands,(45 Billion annually)prioritivethe worlds needs,and deal with health,nutrition,sanitation,and educationwith better and more meaningful results than tackling the sensationalist headlines.