Sunday, December 03, 2006

Israel is sitting on a time bomb/ Obama /a cell phone for motorcycles

It must be extremely frustrating for members of the military and intelligence community in Israel to present facts on the ground to the Cabinet ,and have their advice totally ignored.Of course,as in the US ,there is civilian control of the military,however the civilian leadership is totally almost indifferent to the continuing buildup and rocket fire from Gaza -daily.Despite a so called cease-fire,the smuggling of weapons continues,as Hamas uses the interlude to prepare for the next round.To order the army to avoid arrests in a public fashion,can only embolden the enemy.
If you stop reading the news and reports from Israel for a few weeks,you realize that nothing changes.The Hamas-PA impasse,and the status of Shalit appear to be exactly as they were weeks and months ago.The threat to bring down the Siniora Govt. in Lebanon,represents a real threat to install a Muslim govt.How will Israel respond? I fear poorly is the answer. >========================================================================
The 2008 campaign is underway and should be great theater for political buffs.As you watch the media fawning over Obama,you cannot help but wonder why?The Fox headline=IF OBAMA RUNS, WILL HILLARY BACK OFF ? IS LUDICROUS.
So far,aside from some nice smiling,Obama gave a speech at an anti-abortion evangelical group.Sounds to me like real Profiles in Courage,and should stand him in good stead in his very thin political resume.
I thought I saw it all,until I saw a motorcycle rider,going at full speed, talking on the phone.Perhaps he was calling the ER to have them mobilize their trauma team.
The large numbers of huge vans with their back and side windows blackened,makes it difficult to back out of parking spaces in shopping centers.To my mind,that and the extra bright headlights that blind you should not be allowed.