Monday, December 04, 2006


It was a sad moment not only for John Bolton, but for America when he tendered his resignation this morning.He did a splendid and even outstanding job as UN Ambassador in a very dificult period of history.That Democrats did not see his value is par for the course.That Sen Chaffee blocked the approval of the nomination,so the whole Senate could vote up or down confirms the wisdom of the people of R.I. who did not re-elect him.
Even though the RNC and the White House placed much political capital and funding into his campaign,he did not reciprocate .He will not be missed in the Senate,and the Republican party is better with him on the outside.
I had the opportunity last nite to watch Newt Gingrich on PBS as he spoke in New England.By far ,in my opinion,he is the the most articulate of the potential candidates for President.His vision of America,15 anf 25 years hence ,reveals his intellectual strength, is well thought out,and deals with issues and not partisanship.
His analysis of the need for all citizens to speak English,and become part of the American tradition strikes a chord that is is basic an answer to the attempts by some to come to America in order to change her to their own religion and traditions. We are a melting pot and not multi-cultural and multi-lingual. society.
Newt,as a college professor,understands the needs for not only education,but of projecting the computer technology of our youth and parlaying it into real advancement.His words will be met by resistance from the educational unions and beaurocracy.
He speaks clearly about evil in the form of Iran. It is unlike the athiesim of the Soviet empire.This theologic movement, seeks to destroy the West including Israel.They mean what they say,and there is no room for dialogue with such a regime.When a woman is prepared to make her 6 month old child a suicide vehicle,as in the recent London plot,there is no rational way to deal with such an opponent-except defeat--ours or theirs.
He makes a plea for greater face to face real debates in campaigns in the style of Lincoln -Douglass,and not through 30 second bytes to a moderator.
Of course Newt is still a controversial figure,but I would hope that even Democrats would at least listen to his words.