Saturday, December 09, 2006

Obama visits Soros /The Baker Report

The media push for Obama continues.It makes great political theater to speculate why the excitement.
Is it to hurt Hillary who up until now was the nominee "in-waiting" ? or the great left push for a black (African-American) candidate? or perhaps pushing for a Gore-Obama ticket? or, is it a Republican plot,because they know he can't win?
One small factoid is that Obama went to visit George Soros.If that is his true orientation,we should all beware.
It's very very early,and a lot of people make a lot of money to stir up the juices of the political junkies=like me.


I have been listening to talk radio recently, and my fears are coming to pass.More and more callers have an anti-Israel bent.They blame American casualties,terrorism around the world,the mayhem in Lebanon and every political ill in the world on Israel.
The talk show hosts like Glen Beck and Schnitt(I do not know if I have their names correctly)Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh blast these people ,but they still keep coming.They are terrific!
After the report (Baker) one of them started yelling that we are heading toward a time when we will blame it all on the Jews.For only Israel,may have the will and committment to take out the Iranian nuclear program.Not a pleasant thought.
The call for an International Conference where on the one hand,pre-meeting, Israel has been blamed as the core problem, while not inviting Israel is the beginning of a process that could isolate Israel.
It is ridiculous to consider that Iran which has deep theological hatred for America,and promises to destroy it,if we do not convert to Islam,will respond to a sit-down meeting.
Similarly, Syria has the ability to join the real world,by throwing out terrorist organizations,preventing infiltration into both Lebanon and Iraq ,and recognizing the border between Syria and Lebanon.
The report is a defeatist document,that speaks to a new isolationism,that canniot strengthen the American position as a trusted ally of any country.
President Bush,is correct to go slow and realize that this war we are in ,is a throwback to the era of an attempted Islamic takeover of Europe (and the world).Either we will succeed or they will.
Sadly,the American people have little patience for far-reaching political intricacies-we want the quick fix or withdraw.However at the end of the day,we will have no choice.
We must enlarge our military,which is overstreched.We cannot confront N Korea and Iran ,if they know that not only are the American people divided, but we do not have the strategic forces to carry out any new missions.
The advice of the Iranians to Hamas,is to fight on.So much for Iran ,the supplier of Hezbollah and now Hamas to be a positive influence.
The Baker report,is an attempt to have political tranquility in the U.S. but not a document for the long range stability of our global interests.