Thursday, December 28, 2006


He who fails to learn the lessons of history, is bound to repeat all the errors and mistakes of the past.

If you examine the negotiating positions of Palestinian leaders,you find that they have never changed their stated goals. from Madrid, Camp David and Oslo to today.

Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine
The right of return
the end of all settlement activity and a return to pre'67 or '48 depending upon which group or Arab country is speaking.
The eventual end of Israel as a Jewish State.

The Jews,however keep compromising and giving concessions-unilaterally.The expected gains from these moves last from one minute to a few days.
However with all the summits,withdrawals and settlement cessation,the flow of rockets and terrorist activity never ceases.
Now to strengthen Abbas, Olmert allows Egypt to ship arms to the PA.Without a question,they will wind up being used to kill Jews.This only supplements the arms smuggling into Gaza,and the indigenous arms and rocket production in Gaza and Judea-Samaria.
Without obtaining the release of Israeli soldiers,he orders the release of terror prisoners.
Without a cessation of Kassams into Sderot and Ashkelon,he frees up millions of dollars to the PA,to lessen the pressure on them.Yet he allows a "cease-fire" and only after the injury to a few Israelis, does Olmert allow the IDF to target the rocket teams.As long as it was only property involved,lets make believe that the rockets are part of a "friendly cease-fire between neighbors'.
Without any change in the security situation,to please Abdullah and Rice,he removes 20+ roadblocks.
Despite it all,the U.S. objects when a settlement is enlarged,as not being in accord with the road-map.What road map? Name one step the PA has taken to honor the road map!
Has anyone looked at the words in the roadmap document lately,to realize that there can never be such a concept unless and until all terror groups are disarmed and terrorist activitity ceases.
The State Dept should concentrate on the preamble and pre-conditions that the Arabs seem to have forgotten,before criticizing Israel which in its side questions and comments to the road-map never agreed to halt activity in settlements already constructed.