Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Morality/ Populism and the Anti-Semites are at it again

Jesse Jackson attacked the hanging of Sadam,and commented on the sinking morale position of the U.S.! Without answering the Good Rev., the picture of him with Al Sharpton and Michael Jackson in back of the coffin of another Tzadik(righteous person) James Brown, says it all.


Sen. (one-term) John Edwards plan to run a populist campaign on the theme of dividing Americans by haves and have-nots is bound to fall short.Class warfare sounds great on a podium, but most Americans are proud of the American dream, and realize that although there are inequities in pay and health care, we need not throw out the baby with the bath water.
Americans for the most part, are prepared to work hard and hopefully advance economically.
The goal-become part of the HAVES.

The greatest lie that is being spread in the world of diplomacy and media, is that the core issue in the world,is the Palestinian-Israeli battle.Solve that,and all the wars,conflicts and clashes will melt,as the Arab-Persian-Turkish world will dance in the streets,for world peace is about to become a reality.
Such niave ,immature and unsophisticated thoughts are being pushed wherever "thinking people" communicate.
This months Foreign Affairs magazine,has a thoughtful pair of articles on terrorism and Iraq.Both,one indirectly by Lee Kuan Yew former Prime Minister of Singapore ,and the other by Dominique Moisi of the Institut Francais de Relations Internationales in Paris repeat the myth of the centrality of this conflict to Middle East conflicts.
Listen to Moisi "Israel is the West sorrouded by the culture of humiliation and dreaming of escape from a dangerous region,and reentry into a culture of hope."
I guess that describes Iran and the bomb,Hamas and Hezbollah as well as the entire culture of religious fundamentalism.I imagine if there were no more Israel,the ME would be proserous.productive and peaceful(with oil at $ 20 per barrel)
Joining the same chorus is the incoming Sec-General of the UN Ban K Moon who continues the line of Kofi.
We must be appreciative and supportive that our President has rejected similar thoughts from the Baker SURRENDER Study Group.