Tuesday, January 09, 2007

pizza for pesos/The 100 hour blitz /Olmert sees the light

The controversy over the Texas pizza parlors in latino areas that accept pesos in lieu of dollars is interesting.It is true ,that in most countries shopkeepers will accept dollars as payment in lieu of local currency.Of course the dollar is the dollar,and the peso is not in that category.
My problem is not with a pizza parlor that manages to get on cable TV.Rather,it is symptomatic of immigrants (primarily illegal) who are not accepting our language and culture.It is commonplace in S. Florida, to hear children of all age converse in Spanish in the supermarket.Yes it might be difficult for elderly individuals to learn a new language.However, we should insist that children learn and become proficient in English .
No English-No drivers license.
English must be designated by legislation to be the one and only official language of our country.


The Democrats in the House are off to a good start with their 100 hour marathon.In truth the ethics legislation was weak-because it addressed the lobbyist,rather than the responsibilities of the Members.
Giving off yesterday for a college football game,certainly sends the wrong message to Americans about work and responsibility.
The need to screen all sea and air cargo is a no-brainer.Why the President and the last Congress could not agree on that is beyond me.
Similarly,stem cell research is a must on the agenda for public health research.The objections of the Vatican and Christian fundamentalists,must not prevent good medical science from proceeding in an ethical manner.
The Jewish religion,supports stem cell research as consistent with Jewish Medical Ethics.

On the other hand the vicious attacks on the Pres. regarding funding for troops in Iraq,can backfire on the Dems.We should allow the Pres. to speak and present his point of view.If the Dems want Cindy Sheehan to be their voice on television,the public will not support such non-patriotic outbursts.


It is a long plane ride from Tel Aviv to Bejing.I guess PM Olmert had a long time to think--and think.
His statement in China, that unilateral Israeli actions,have been counterproductive is right on target (GAZA and LEBANON).
He should make some more reservations for an-around-the world trip.-perhaps his head would stay cleared!