Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Manhattan Project for Energy /The shame of Israel

While the energy proposals of the President, are a step in the right direction,it did not go far enough.Of course a reduction of fuel consumption of 20% in 10 years is great,we need a broader vision and longer goals and objectives.
When our country was faced with an enemy that was developing atomic weapons,the Manhattan Project,focused all of our efforts, brainpower and resources to be the first to have such a weapon and win WWII.
Today we need such a project,so that in 20 years we will reduce our fossil fuel needs by 40% and in 30 years by another 10%.
Today America uses 140 billion gallons of gas for autos.Under the Presidents plan by 2017 we will need 35 billion gallons of ethanol.However, the technology and the corn are not there for such a goal.
However if Brazil can adapt with new technologies, so can we.
We need to increase nuclear power,wind technology,the use of coal in an environmentally safe manner,solar energy as well as adapting new methods of battery powered autos.
The SUV should be severely taxed if it cannot meet fuel standards.We should not accept average miles per gallon by manufacturer,but each model must meet a minimum standard.
We must increase off-shore drilling,and ANWAR exploration.It is time for the Dems to stop with this phony ecological prevention of Alaskan oil.All previous Alaskan drillings,have been ecologically neutral or positve.The same goes for windmill groupings,that have been vetoed,because they block the view of fancy people on the seafront.
If America,could become energy independent,the world and of course the middle-east would change forever for the better.
Such a goal must be our number one priority after defeating world terrorism-and they are related.


The impending indictment of President Katsav, is a great chilul hashem-a desecration of our way of life.So too are the multiple criminal investigations of PM Olmert.
Today Shimon Peres,a candidate to succeed Katsav says he knew about the alleged sexual crimes years ago-but said nothing.He is guilty of failing to live up to his obligations to prevent criminality and shame on the part of Israel's leaders.
It is interesting,that Peres who I personally heard attack and make fun of the orthodox parties,now claims to have the backing of Shas for the new position.
Politics is so exciting,because unlike a novel, you never know the twists and turns -for truth is stranger.....