Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cargo Inspections /Iraq-Where are we heading?

One of my regular readers called me angrily accusing me of being a LIBERAL because I supported the Democratic bill on 100% inspection of all air and sea cargoes.He claims it will bring our commerce to a halt,as we are unable to meet the goals of the legislation.
I believe,that if the pressure is on,then industy will respond and develop over the next five years the proper paraphenalia for the job.
In addition,the rest of the world will join us ,and create partnerships,so that cargoes headed for the US will be inspected by DOT and other agencies at the port of origin.We have such examples in Canada,where you go through Immigration and Customs before you get on the plane to return to the US.

I have no idea if the Bush plan will succed.Not because of our troops failing,but because the enemy and Maliki-the locals will not put politics aside and work together.
I recall reading the history of the Civil War,and the pressures on Lincoln.He went through a slew of Generals,until victory was achieved.
They must disarm the Sadr militia as step one.
What steps need to be taken to bring order and success to the Iraqi police force.?After all, at this point we should have seen some results.
Despite Baker,the President never mentioned Israel-except to say that we will be sending Patrriot missiles to the area,and work with friends to prevent Iran from nuclear success.I assume both are codewords for Israel.
At the end of the day,Bush will proceed,Kennedy will get red in his reddened cheeks,and Kerry will continue to fight the last election.
Obviously how this turns out will affect the '08 elections.So far we see no Profiles in Courage among the Dem canmdidates,who watch the daily polls,and the pressures of the far left that helped defeat Joe Lieberman in the primary,but went down to defeat in Nov. As I said 2 days ago,they can easily overplay their hand.