Saturday, January 06, 2007

A smoking Pres?/ Some thoughts on Washington/ Iran

It was interesting to read that Obama was playing with drugs early on.However more suprising is the fact that he currently smokes cigarettes.America it appears has never elected a cigarette smoker.In todays health climate, it portrays the wrong message to our youth,and raises questions about his ability to overcome such a terrible habit.


The Wall Street Journal had a little page one blurb that Sen Tim Johnson's physicians say it will be months before they can evaluate brain damage.
Explanation-they are not telling us if he is off the respirator etc.If he were out of bed doing rehab,they would happily announce it.
Constitutionally as long as he lives and doesn't resign he keeps his seat.Not great representation for the people of S.D.,but it prevents a Republican Gov. from appointing a Republican and turning the whole Senate upside down.


The Cindy Sheehan mob outburst at a Democratic press conference ,should give the Dem leadership some pause as to the volatility of the far left.
When Pres Bush mentioned a "surge" in troop strength Sen Reid said he might approve depending upon other factors..length of stay etc.But yesterdays Reid -Pelosi letter to the President did not even wait for the Presidents announcement before attacking it.


It is hardly a secret that Israel(like every country) prepares its military for any future conflict.For Israel it means destroying the nuclear facilities in Iran.So,it is not suprising that the (UK) Suday Times reports that Israel has such plans ready to go and has been practicing parts of the operation.
However,there is no reason to believe that an immediate attack is imminent,especially since it appears that the Iranian effort is moving slower than anticipated.It will take U.S. cooperation should it ever become necessary.In addition the American public would demand to be shown that diplomatic,political and economic efforts have failed,and the threat to us emergent.Of course the UN sanction are ridiculously weak and ineffective.
In addition the Isreali public is hardly ready for another war so soon after Lebanon.An attack on Iran,would have much greater serious impact on Israel,than the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor.
The positioning of another US battle group together with increased British Persian Gulf naval power hopefully (but probably not)will make the message clear to the Iranians that they are playing with fire.
In the end ,Israel might have to go it alone,and hopefully they will by then have a more solid political-military leadership in place.