Friday, January 19, 2007

Obama-let us take him seriously

I RECALL THE DAY I FIRST HEARD OF OBAMA(rhymes with Osama).It was at the Democratic Convention two years ago on CNN ,when this unopposed State Senator(running for the US SENATE)was introduced as a potential future Pres candidate.
To that point he was not even elected!
Here we are 2 years later,and the media have placed this man on such a pedestal that he is already breathing down Hillary's neck.We know he is a real phenomonom ,because today I recieved an E-mail from a friend,advising people to look at his Islamic backgroud.Today also,I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about the Clinton team raising the same issue.
I do not trust Obama==
He has no record
He has shown no leadership on issues
We do not Know where he stands on issue after issue-and for us that includes the safety and security of Israel-Has he ever visited?

Whether he is electable is not my concern -let the Dem pros worry about that.
But,could our greatest nitemare as Pres become a reality-that is my concern.
At present he is fluff-without real substance-with the same type of support that Dean and Lamont had.
But let us keep our eyes and ears prepared to examine under a microscope what he says ,proposes, and what he doesn't say.