Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Charlie for Pres?/Castro and his sick belly

I had a good laugh today while on the treadmill.Mayor Bloomberg announced his hope that Cong Charlie Rangel would run for President.I wonder what he wants from old Charlie?

I have said all along to my friends, that if Castro did not have cancer,then he most probably had a perforated( ruptured) diverticulitis =presumably of the Sigmoid Colon.
Often times,in such VIPS and doctors families,surgeons are slow to operate in diverticulitis and in acute appendicitis.The result is severe peritonitis,and major complications.
Probably,they removed (resected) the diseased area, but because of the pus,etc,did not reattach the bowel but performed a temporary colostomy.
The clinical course as we see it up to now,is consistent with the complications in the wound and within the abdomen.Without knowing more of the facts ,we can only say that even with the best of facilities the prognosis is guarded.

This past shabbat, the Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future,sent four Stern College and four Yeshiva College students to the Boynton Beach ashkenazic synagogue,Anshei Chesed.I was pleased to be invited to speak Fri nite at the oneg,where 60 members and friends attended.The shul is growing and that is a plus for the community.


There is much to write about the madness of the Israeli-US approach to Palstinian statehood.Hopefully will write about that tomorrow.