Monday, January 22, 2007

A B+ in Minyan

When I was in Yeshiva College,daily minyan was mandatory.Many students,who studied late missed many a session.The dorm counselors,would come and knock on your door,or even come in to make sure you were awake.
In my room,we developed a trick of placing a wire hanger around the inner lock,so that the counselors key could not turn,and would break in the cylinder.
Today as a mature person,I realize the importance of public prayer.
It was thus sad to read in the Commentator (Yeshiva College student newspaper) that the Mechina (?) Program,would assign one college credit for minyan attendance. If you do not show,your GPA will fall.
Such heavy handedness,will affect negatively on the religious life of some of these young people;
After reading this weeks New Yorker magazine with its sick violently anti-orthodox article by a young man,(classmate of my sons) who went astray from religion,we have to realize how fragile is the psyche of some individuals.Sadly, it appears he did not complete his psychiatric sessions that he says he began.
Why he rebelled against G-D I CANNOT SAY.
However,forcing prayer down someones throat is not the proper method.But then again,maybe they don't belong in Yeshiva University?
Nevertheless, there are more pedagogically sound methods to highlight the importance of Minyan attendance than assigning a grade for prayer.
By the way any extra credit for Kavanah? (SERIOUSNESS IN PRAYER).