Monday, December 11, 2006

Neturei Karta in Tehran/Gates on Israel/The Seatte x-mas fiascol

It is one level of Jewish self hatred to appear with and be on the payroll of the likes of Yasir Arafat, but there can be no words to describe the degenerate behavior when these black-bearded characters under the guise of religious jews sit in the front row ,to be seen by the entire world,at a holocaust denial conference in Tehran.At least in the former they can claim that their religion is anti-zionist.
But how can the Neturei Karta ,sit in a room with those,who clinically deny the slaughter of 6 million brethren in their generation.HOW CAN THEY RUB SHOULDERS WITH THOSE WHO WISH TO WIPE OUT ALL JEWS AND NON-BELIEVERS? (to Islam)
Their sin is so great,that no punishment that I can think of is adequate.Surely in the proper time the Almighty will settle the score.
The incoming Sec of Defense Gates, in his testimony labelled Israel a nuclear power,as one reason Iran seeks nuclear weapons.This statement should have been given in executive session,and undermines the Israeli policy of refusing to admit such a capability.Moreover,the statement given without informing the Israelis ,violates the agreements and understandings of successive administrations.Not a good beginning!


The clamor in Seattle regarding x-mas trees in the airport,represents a distortion by both the airport and the media of the request.The Rabbi,did not ask for the removal of the trees,but rather equal opportunity for the chanukah menorah.
I myself, have a different point of view.I believe very strongly in the importance of the separation of Church and State.I therefore oppose both the tree and the menorah as well as all other religious symbols in public areas.(owned by govt)
I have always been concerned about government money to religious education,even though I am acutely aware of the needs of the day school movement.
Government funding to religious groups as well as the public display of religious symbols is a slippery slope.
x-mas is a religious holiday,that has become secularized and commercialized.Religious Christians rightfully object to this trend.Yet, the beauty of America is that each individual is free to observe their traditions and religious ceremonies in their homes and places of worship.
Yes ,having a giant menorah in the public arena makes great pictures on tv,and even makes us proud.There is however a potential problem , as in this Seattle p-r fiasco that brings about an ill feeling toward jews.