Friday, December 22, 2006

Tim Johnson / John Edwards

Another few days without the mention of Sen. Tim Johnson.Many people who I discuss this with point out,that they too were suprised by the lack of a medical progress report.
I wonder whether there will be any interest by the media on the first day of the new Congress?

Quite unbelievable-11 rockets per day into the South, and the PM still talks about a cease-fire. I cannot think of any respectable country that would tolerate that on a daily basis.

It is wild to hear the pundits talk about the strength of John Edwards as the main challenger to Hillary.He was a one term Senator,without a strong legislative record.Edwards, decided not to run for a second term, because the polls showed he could not win.Then Kerry chose him as his veep candidate.What he brings to the table is no clearer than Obama whose theme is hope and not fear.Didn't FDR talk about there is nothing to fear but fear itself?
Anyway,hope is what make us a great people and country, and we don't need Obama to give us "hope"-let's stick to the issues.