Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to warm weather

It was a tiring experience driving down from N.J..We thought we would have traffic congestion yesterday in N.J and the beltway-it being part of the Thanksgiving drive-home.However, perhap because we left early, it was a breeze, until Virginia.then it was bumper to bumper.
Driving in the car we heard about Newt's endoresment in N.H. from the leading paper.I suspect that Palin will endorse him.
The new charges against Cain could be the final blow.
Driving down and listening to talk radio,we were impressed with the number of anti-Obama talk show hosts.As a matter of fact, we did not hear a single liberal voice.If we were from outer space,I would not be able to understand how America elected such an incompetent.
Good-bye Barney Frank-words cannot describe the negative role he has played in the housing meltdown etc.
I cannot believe Bibi is bending on the issue of giving the PA tax money.