Sunday, November 13, 2011

Netanyahu the 'LIAR' / last nites debate

I recall sitting in the Roosvelt Room of the WH as the head of an OU delegation meeting with Pres. Bush.(I).The Pres. said he would not speak to Begin since he was a"liar".
If you read the the book "The Prime Ministers" you note that every US President has problems with the Israeli PM, primarily because the Israel-Palestinian issue is not solveable.
There is an old adage, that when you accept money from a rich uncle,beware of the desires of the uncle to control your actions.Yes direct economic aid has gone down and only military aiud exists,however the WH would like to consider Israel as a vassal State.
Obama came to office with his inner Muslim feelings,and felt he could solve the Iranian nuclear issue,and the Isael-Palestinian issue with more talk.
He has no feelings for the Islamic history of Iran which desires to conquer Iraq,Saudia Arabia etc not from today,but for centuries.To them a nuclear bomb may not be needed ,only the threat of one could cause panic among their neighbors.
In Israel,Obama has no feeling for the traditions and history of the Jewish
people.He believes that Israel is a product of the Holocaust, and there is moral equivalency between the claims of the Arabs and the Jews.
Thus when he came to office he planned to undermine Bibi, and hoped for a more moderate govt.He failed,and only strengthened Netanyahu.
Then was his ploy demanding a cessation of settlement building.Finally Bibi gave in,yet no Abbas talks, because he has no interest in making concessions on "the right of return and Jerusalem.
Obama failed again.Finally he pulled this shtick of embarressing Bibi just prior to the Oval Office meeting-regarding the '67 borders.
However, Bibi upstageds him with a forceful-live for- TV attack on his policies,This was followed by a Joint sesssion before the Congress, that was greeted with tumultuous applause. No wonder he can't stand him.His problem with such low ratings,Obama cannot ignore his pro-Israel constituents by not vetoing if necessary a "Palestinian State".If the issue came up after the elections,believe me he would screw Israel.

Looking at last nites debate,I came away again with the picture of Romney as an automated programmed politico.However as I see more of him I would feel less uncomfortable were he the nominee.
Cain -nice man is not ready to be President.Yes he has Ambassador Bolton as his adviser.However if Bolton were the candidate I would feel better.
Gingrich as always is deeply immersed in the issues,and right now, I am rooting for him.
Perry looked better than his previous debates, but is unlikely to recoup his loss.
The rest had some good answers,however there are too many candidates on the podium.