Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perry--Newt and Co.

last nite I started to watch the debate,however jet lag kicked in and I missed the 53 seconds of Perry memory lapse.
A few weeks ago I thought Perry was THE MAN. However , that was not to be.It takes more than money to get ready to come on the big-stage with programs and policies in the domesic and foreign arena.
While Herman Cain may be believable,he too does not appear ready on the issues.
Newt is coming up,and yesterday Dorothy Rabin owita wrote a terrific op-ed in the WSJ on the ASCENDENCY of Newt.Intellectually he is the most in command of the issues.
Can his personal baggage get in the way of victory?

As I analyzed a few months ago, it appears thet the cancer-ridden Pres. Chavez is doing poorly, and may have 6 months to live..Yes there is payback time!

The action of the Senate Judiciary Comm -on party lines to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act,which defines a marriage AS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN is disgusting. The gay-loving Dems carried the day .

The announcement that Amb. Dennis Ross will leaveas a special representative of the WH toward Middle-East peace talks proves again that Obama has no viable options in that area.