Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cain Allegations III/UNESCO and Abbas

EDG writes:

It was disappointing to me to hear a number of conservatives defending Herman Cain. The allegations against Cain are extraordinarily serious and many Republicans are treating them like a liberal attack against him. The conservatives who are blaming Cain's problems on others are doing a tremendous disservice to the Republican Party and to the conservative movement. The emergence of a third woman makes it more likely that this episode will put a stop to the Cain candidacy. One final point- who cares which campaign leaked this story to Politico? As Redstate pointed out, the leaking campaign deserves our thanks since if Cain had become our nominee, this story surely would have emerged during the general campaign which could have proved disastrous.

It was encourging to watch a full American cutoff of funding to the anti-Israeli UNESCO following its acceptance of "Palestine" as a member. Beside the savings of money which we otherwise would have sent to this cultural wasteland, the US has shown that these decisions to prematurely recogize a Palestinian entity will trigger negative reactions from the US. The UNESCO move, along with Abbas' remarks that he will never recognize a Jewish state, exhibit that negotiations with the Palestinians are a waste of time. Israel should push forward with massive construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.