Monday, October 31, 2011

Cain Allegations II// Electric lines/Nassau Elections

EDG writes:

The good news is that Herman Cain responded to the sexual harrassment allegations today. The bad news is that his explanation was not ovrly satisfying. First, he responded that these were anonymous sources that were leaking the allegations. So the allegations are false because the leakers don't want their names in the papers? The claims were settled for cash so it should be clear to him and the campaign who the accusers are. Second, and more important, he claimed on Fox News that he didn't know that both allegations were settled. He didn't know??? He was never told by his employer's attorney that two claims of sexual harrassment resulted in settlements and non-disclosure agreements??? His claims are absurd as to be improbable. Did he just find out about the settlements today? Was he shocked to find out that both claims resulted in settlements? While its not clear how much damage this will do to his campaign, for those of us who were disturbed by allegations by Paula Jones against Bill Clinton, these allegations should be just as disturbing to us. Personally I could not support a candidate who has been accused multiple times in a sexual harrassment context. Herman Cain should not be a candidate for President.

With millions of people losing power after this weekend's snow storms, isn't it time that electric companies begin putting lines underground. Losing power for a week was acceptable in 1965. We shouldn't have the same mode of delivery in 2011.
Next week's Nassau elections brings a real dilemma for a conservative like myself. Howard Kope the Republican county legislator for my area, supported the disgraceful Nassau Colliseum giveaway which was defeated by the voters. Yet his opponent is a Democrat and is worse on the other issues. Kopel deserves to lose but I will likely hold my nose and vote for him. I don't know what I will do what our State Senator, Dean Skelos, is up for re-election next year. Skelos, as the Senate head, allowed the gay marriage vote, the worst piece of state legislation in my lifetime. I will be voting against him next year- if the Senate can pass gay marriage with a Republican majority then a Republican majority is useless.