Sunday, October 09, 2011

Succoth embargo / anti-semitism on "WALL STREET"

Leave it to the Arabs to screw themselves, and spite themselves.As we approach succoth,Hamas has prevented farmers in Gaza from exporting Lulavim (FRONDS) to Israel.The loss is 1 million dollars.Similarly Egypt has done the same,although I am not sure it is a complete embargo.

The report that Iraq has been aiding Iran and Syria, shows the
ineffectiveness of the Obama leadership.When we withdraw, look for Iran to replace us as the major force.

It was very sad to see 2 films from U-tube shwing the anti-semitism of some "wall street demostrators" yelling about Jewish bankers and Jewish Wall Street.It is obvious that in addition to paid demonstraters,the union influence with the encouragement of the left wing of the Democratic Party is aiming to create havoc in America.As Herman Cain pointed out, it is to deflect Americans from the root cause of our problems-OBAMA
George Will has a column in which he points out the similarities to the anti-war demonstration and their negative effect on independent voters,with resultant Dem. losses.
How these Marxists could refuse to allow Cong. John Lewis to speak is dreadful.When I was involved,I knew Cong. Lewis from the day he came to Congress.A real civil-rights hero who marched with MLK.Though I don't necessarily share his views on many issues, he is a true gentleman and leader.The disrespect they showed to him, speaks to their views of AMERIKA!
Similarly the anti-war demonstration (anti-drone)at the Air and Space Museum where the demonstrators tried to abduct a security guard shows we are not dealing with"disgruntled " citizens, but anarchists intent to destroy our way of life.
Dems beware!