Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nobel Prize /Washington doings / Cong Nadler

The awarding of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Dr Dan Shechtman is a great tribute to the man and to Israeli academic achievement.
The Arab world should lower their heads, and ask from all their billions of people,and billions spent on oil and armaments,how many Nobel Prizes have they earned?
The awards again are a recognition of Jewish intellect, as our people are well represented among the awardees.

I did not realize yesterday that Hillary Clinton actually submitted a brief to the Supreme Court asking them not to decide on the Jerusalem issue.
All of the religious streams plan to attack VP Biden's stridor in opposing the release of POLLARD
"Over my dead body"'WAS THE APPARENT QUOTE.
He has a big mouth and a loose tongue anyway.
Today the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Hosanna Tabor vs EEOC case..
This is a far reaching case that deals with the autonomy of religious institutions.The OU like many religious groups filed an amicus brief before the Court.The Govt contends that the First Amendement does not offer special protection to religious vs secular institutions.
Lile so many important cases this season, we will have to wait.

The rise of Herman Cain is an American fairy tale.I had never heard of him before he announced.I thought it was a joke.
The potential reality of a Cain nomination has yet to sink in.Certainly Obama could not pull the racism card.
The next debate will be critical.ain does not get flustered,and peopleike his straight talk.

Cong. Jerry Nadler today attacked the Republican House for increasing the amount to be spent in defense of the legal battle over the
"Defense of Marriage Act", since the administration refuses to do it.
I am sad to say that Jerry Nadler is a fellow graduate of Crown Heights Yeshiva.I traveled with him to Eastern Europe on one occasion, and i know he is no longer Orthodox.However to have lost the sense of committment to the definition of marriage as being between a MAN AND A WOMAN,to me represents the height of a misguided anti-religious intellectualism that feeds on a degenerate lifestyle and is a rallying call for a liberalism gone wild.
Like those in San Francisco who sought to ban cicumcision,there is a subset of Americans who abhor religion and conservatives and they are quite vociferous in their pleadings.