Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IRAN _WHAT IS OUR RESPONSE? / Romney-inevitable?

If it is not an act of war, then what is?
This is what they did in Argentina, and mostly got away with it.I stood at the site of the bombed out Jewish Center in Buuenos Aires, as we said Kaddish for the victims.
The Iranians look at the US as a paper tiger,who will not respond.We have 2 wars and will condemn but not act.This is all the "Jimmy Carter foreign policy " of Obama.
Yes it was a lucky break that the perp chose an undercover DEA person to try to arrange the hit and the bombing.
If they had suceeded, but not taken blame, you would have fingers pointing at Al Quida, the radical right and a hundred other groups.The question is what will be ouir response?

The endorsement by Christie today,underines the weakness of Romney in the conservative world.The NYT reports Romney aides met often with the WH on his health care program.The Cain spurt may be real and lasting, because he does not change his position.Does he have a foreign policy?
Yet you may see the insiders _Thomas Dewey-Dole-Bush II and McCain wing be blown away by the grass roots.(IF PERRY FALTERS).
There is the question of money,staff and organization.However Cain is moving on his own momentum,and Black leaders are not happy.